About Us

Directors Promise

"To ensure that the authenticity of the subject and the originality of the concept can be maintained. Our audiences will benefit for generations to come."


What is N3P about?

Our Mission:

To educate and empower by presenting contemporary history using the latest technological advancements.

Our Vision:

Bringing bliss and success into daily lives by producing joyful media

Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions is the future of educating Sikhs through media. We joyfully celebrate life by sharing amazing stories from history, great characters, inspirational lessons and Gurbani.

Our vision is to bring a blissful state and successful spirit into people’s hearts and minds. In order to educate and empower the next generation, we need to think how they think. That’s why we harness the latest technological advancements to convey powerful messages, whether that’s through animated movies, television, social media, music or more.

Our unique family of volunteers and professionals can make anything happen.

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What is the Story behind N3P?

What does Nihal Nihal Nihal mean?

Three words. Joyful, Blissful, Successful. You want to live joyfully. You want to maintain a blissful state. You want to be successful in life. We want that for you, too. Our media is made to help you achieve it.


Why “Nihal Nihal Nihal”?

His Holiness Sant Maharaj Attar Singh Ji Mastuane Wale was widely regarded as the greatest saint of the 20th Century.

Let’s travel back in time to the year 1922 in Punjab, India. A uniquely gifted two year-old girl is taken by her mother to visit His Holiness Sant Ji. This little girl radiates a powerful aura. Her mother knows, there is something special about her. His Holiness Sant Ji looks calmly at the little girl. “What is her name?” he asks. Her mother answers, “Nihal.” He goes quiet for a moment, gazing into the little girl’s eyes. Then he speaks a prophecy.

“100 years from now, everyone in the world will be saying,
Nihal, Nihal, Nihal.”

The little girl grows up to become one of the greatest saints who ever lived, respectfully known as, Her Holiness Brahmgyani Beeba Nihal Kaur Ji. She lives a quiet and anonymous life, helping everyone through their hardships and bringing light into people’s lives, without ever drawing attention to herself. Only a few lucky ones know of her existence. In 1990, she leaves the earth. But her legacy lives on.

Fast forward to 2017. Founded by two devotees, Baba Gurbax Singh Ji and Dr Baba Karandeep Singh Ji, Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions is incorporated as a media and entertainment company.

Motivated by the spiritually uplifting life of Her Holiness Beeba Ji, and inspired by the “Nihal, Nihal, Nihal” prophecy, they set out to make Sikh history, philosophy and teachings accessible in the digital era. Along the way, Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions grows into a 100+ strong family of volunteers and professionals, who believe in using their time, effort and resources to close the Sikh media gap.


Who are the storymakers and dreamweavers?

We create media that creates an inner state of joy, bliss and success. But who’s the we?

The Icebreakers

The founders and visionaries who are making it all possible.

Gurbax Singh

Partner, India

Harpreet Singh

Partner, India / Director, Canada

A Simple Man, Living A Simple Life - Full of Godly-Saintly-Miracles..!!
Dr Karandeep Singh

Partner, India

Bhagwant Kaur

Partner, India

The one thing that I want in life is to put a smile on everyone’s face, and I have been trying my best to do this from the very beginning
Jasneet Kaur

Partner, India

Karandeep Singh

Director, UK

Chamandeep Singh

Director, UK

The Engine Room

The talented, skilled and diverse individuals who pour their hearts and souls, time and energy into helping, anywhere to everywhere, be that fundraising, marketing, content creation and more. When not volunteering with Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions, they are busy doing their day jobs, raising their kids and just being awesome.

Baljit Kaur

Translation Team

What makes me smile: when children lovingly remember their Creator
Sarveen Kaur

Digital Content Team

Parminder Kaur

Social Media Team

What makes me smile - darshan of Gursikhs, Saints and Guru Sahib
Kuljit Singh

Legal Team

Jarnail Singh

Promotional Video Editing Team

Harjinder Singh

Promotions and Fundraising Team

Lakha Singh

Promotions and Fundraising Team

Aman Kaur

Educational Resource Team

Harinderpal Kaur

Digital Design Team

Lucinda Kaur

Merchandising Team

Amritpal Kaur

Educational Resource Team

Tripat Kaur

Administration Team

The thing that makes me smile the most is hearing my baby girl's laughter!
Baljinder Kaur

Social Media Team

Harjit Singh

Promotions and Fundraising Team

Harminder Kaur

Promotions and Fundraising Team

Jeevan Kaur

Promotions and Fundraising Team

Love baking and all things Kesri
Tajinder Kaur

Accounts Team

Built in 1979, and fine tuned by the gift of Seva
Bhupinder Singh

Digital Marketing Team

I’ve always done things out of my comfort zone and greater things were achieved and I’m still achieving. One being the only Sikh Asian Female selected as a Olympic torchbearer during the 2012 Olympics
Tajinder Kaur

Promotions and Fundraising Team

Tanuneet Kaur

Translation Team

I like gadgets and wish I could time travel!
Taranjeet Singh

Technical Team

Soniya Lamba

Business Associates