Nominations close on: 15 August 2022

Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Awards : To Celebrate The Kaurs In Our Lives

Since the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, women have made a huge contribution to Sikh society. Then in 1699 they were given the honour of being bestowed with the beautiful title of Kaur by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Kaurs are core to the Sikh community; for centuries Kaurs have given, sacrificed, made change and created betterment for all those around them. We want to celebrate Kaurs.

In celebration of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh’s upcoming Gurpurab, Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions introduce the Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Awards; to celebrate the Kaurs in our lives.

In 2018, Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions announced the first animated movie as Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur which is coming soon; an untold story of an incredible, powerful female leader. We believe by highlighting the unique story of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, many around the world have wanted to learn about the spiritual Mother of Sikhs and have empowered themselves in their daily lives. Let’s celebrate this great success and keep spreading the movement of female empowerment.

Every Kaur Should Be Celebrated

All Kaurs should be celebrated. ‘Why call her bad, from her Kings are born’

This is your chance to nominate a Kaur you believe deserves to be recognised and celebrated for the impact they have on others. It could be an Olympic medalist or an Olympian in people’s hearts due to her amazing voluntary work, her making a change in society, her strength in triumphing over obstacles. It could be the Kaur who is quietly making a difference.

There are 13 categories for Kaurs to be nominated in. Imagine highlighting 13 Kaurs for the world to be inspired by. Imagine the dreams and hearts of little girls glowing as they now know they can reach for the stars with such amazing Kaur role models introduced to the world. 

Nominations open on 31 March 2022 and close on 15th August 2022.

The awards ceremony will be on 15th September 2022

Nomination Categories

  • Warrior/ Survivor

    Despite hardship and adversity, she always triumphs. She has used her experiences to help others. The recipient of this award will display a passion for helping others overcome adversity through stories of her own strength and survival.

  • Valiant Volunteer

    She dedicates her time and energy unconditionally without any expectation of return. She is a voice for the voiceless and valiant in all her efforts. The recipient of this award will be brave and caring, and is determined to offer her services to promote positive change.

  • Unsung Kaur

    She goes above and beyond for those in need. She is selfless in her approach to her work, and wishes only to help others. The recipient of this award utilises her strong emotional awareness to help others, and will be a shoulder to lean for all those who reach out for her help.

  • Inspiration in Arts & Culture

    She contributes creatively with sikhi at the forefront. She promotes art and creativity but incorporates spirituality in an elegant and meaningful way. The recipient of this award has worked hard to make sikh based art available, and to display how sikhi can be incorporated into the arts.

  • Inspiration in Health and Fitness

    She inspires and empowers others to be health conscious. She has taken her knowledge of the mind and body and created a platform whereby others can benefit from such knowledge. The recipient of this award will have inspired many others to improve their health, fitness and overall wellbeing.

  • Sports Woman

    She is a champion in sports. She has demonstrated the strength and ability that women possess. The recipient of this award has not only become a champion in her sport, but has also paved the way for other women to feel comfortable and capable in sports.

  • Her Abilities Award

    Her abilities: she is a living example of ‘it’s not about the setback, it’s about the comeback!’ She has never let her physical challenges stop her from being an achiever. The recipient of this award is a positive spirit, who will have used her physical challenges to fuel her purpose and drive.

  • Inspirational Role Model

    She encourages others to fulfil their potential and purpose. She positively impacts society by helping others to become the best version of themselves. The recipient of this award is a boss in her area, and is inspirational to those who look up to her.

  • Business Woman

    She runs a successful business, showing talent, perseverance and determination. She is hard working and passionate, as she makes her business ideas come to life. The recipient of this award embodies what it means to be a driven business woman.

  • Young Achiever

    She is young but she empowers and inspires others. She doesn’t let her age stop her from sharing her wisdom with the world. The recipient of this award has displayed her ability to impact lives at such a young age, and therefore demonstrates her determination to be successful in her mission.

  • Social Activist

    She fights for truth, honour and justice. She voices her opinion fearlessly, and wishes to see justice for all those who are oppressed. The recipient of this award is brave, courageous and determined in her mission towards achieving fairness and equality for all.

  • Achievement in Science

    She has made a significant contribution to the science world. She has taken time to research, investigate and question science in order to provide society with knowledge and answers. The recipient of this award is revolutionary in her scientific achievements.

  • Community Champion

    She plays a vital role in the sikh community by advocating for change and betterment. She is conscious of the need to uplift not only individuals, but the community as a whole. She is determined to see everyone succeed, and is actively doing her bit to manifest this vision. The recipient of this award is all for the people and the greater good.

Nomination Benefits

  1. Announcement as Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers Award Nominee on the Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers Awards website and featured in our newsletter. Watch for social media mentions leading up to the Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers Awards 2022.
  2. Nominee Badge to announce your nomination on LinkedIn, Social Media, Marketing and Website,
    Increase your circle of influence with like-minded leaders and key stakeholders.
  3. Opportunity to be recognised by our Media Partners.
  4. Elevate your personal and professional profile nationally/globally.
  5. Increased credibility of your business profile or cause.
  6. Enhance your legacy.
  7. Be a part of the Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers Awards and make valuable connections.
  8. The feeling of being acknowledged, PRICELESS!

Award Recipients

  1. Presented with a Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers award Certificate and an exclusive brass trophy
  2. Opportunity to be interviewed by one of global Sikh TV channels and online partners like
  3. Recognised on Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers awards website, newsletter, social media
  4. Receive 2022 Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers awards Badge for your email signature, LinkedIn, Social Media, Website
  5. Elevate your leadership
  6. Become a Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers awards Alumni
  7. Recognised as Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers award recipient locally, nationally, or globally
  8. Award Recipients Announced with Media Partners
  9. We believe that being nominated is an honour that should be shouted from the mountaintop! We look forward to celebrating with you!

How To Nominate

Anyone can nominate someone special for any of the awards mentioned. By following these simple steps:

1: Check the category you want to nominate your Women’s Achievers for and make a note of the evidence required and upload this when you are ready to nominate.
2: Click on ‘Nominate Here‘ button and fill out the form
3: You can revisit your account to upload more evidence whenever you want as a link will be sent to your email.

Note: Each evidence from the list below will award you a score of 10 points.
1. Sangat support letters and videos
2. Any videos from social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
3. Wider community (non-sikh) support letters and videos

Sponsor An Award

Here’s your chance to become the part of lifelong Journey !

Following the footsteps of Mother of Khalsa (Mata Sahib Kaur Ji), we are friends of everyone and partner with individuals, and organisations that align with our values, goals and committed to raising the bar to advance women personally and professionally. We’d love to start a conversation, learn about your organisational goals and how we can work together to make an impact.

The way Mata Sahib Kaur changed thousands of lives in 17th century, we have the opportunity to change lives in 21st century by empowering women in our community through recognition, celebration, mentorship, education, awareness, and funding. We’re proud to partner with businesses, women’s organisations, and non-profits organisations that align with our organisational core values and our bigger purpose to advance women globally.

Interested in Becoming a Community and Promotional Partner for our 2022, send us an email at [email protected] or message us on WhatsApp


Suppose you want to nominate Amritpal Kaur for a Sports Woman nomination from Toronto, Canada, simply do the following:

1: Check the category you want to nominate for and make a note of the evidence required and upload this when you are ready to nominate.
2: Click on ‘Nominate Here’ button and fill out the form
3: You can revisit your account to upload more evidence whenever you want as a link will be sent to your email.

The panel of expert judges include eminent personalities from the Sikh Panth, and they will be making the decisions.

Our aim is to be inclusive, so the panel has been selected from various Sikh organisations, groups, and charities, who will remain impartial and fair during the Award Ceremony.

Winners will be announced on 15 April 2022

The Award Ceremony will be a Premiere event to be Live on Nihal Nihal Nihal YouTube Channel. For Award’s day plan and timings, please keep an eye for further information.

The deadline is 15 March 2022

Any individual or organisation may nominate a Mata Sahib Kaur Women’s Achievers Award. We accept nominations from women from all stages of business and life representing all industries. Nominees may include (but not limited to) women from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds: entrepreneurs, businesswomen, professionals, executives, scientists, arts and media, not-for-profits, journalists, thought leaders, authors, athletes, lawyers, doctors, musicians, youth (under the age of 18), women with disabilities, advocates and women in public service from across Globe.

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