Oct 17, 2021

Game of Faith Release

Image Location: Annual AKJ Smagam, Delhi

Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions, famously known for the animated movie about Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, have announced the name of their first live action feature film: Game of Faith.

For decades, the worldwide Sikh community has been calling for family-friendly movies with good morals. Game of Faith is this movie.

The movie follows Paviter, a Sikh college student who gets bullied because of his stutter. Going on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, he learns that his faith is bigger than his fears.

This movie will inspire children and adults to become beacons of light in these dark times, to challenge any obstacles they may face, and to celebrate the power of Sikhi saroop.

Identity is an important aspect of the Sikh faith; standing out is normal. Game of Faith beautifully portrays this ethic through its modern setting and characters, while weaving in references to Sikh history. Viewers will feel empowered and fall in love with the Sikh identity.

Excited? So are we! The official trailer releases on 24th October, with the movie releasing from 13th November at Gurdwaras near you. Get your whole family ready to watch this heartwarming, faith-filled movie very soon.

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