Feb 19, 2022

Hold onto your seats!

Just when you thought you couldn’t handle any more exciting news from the Motherhood team, we have another heart-stopping announcement…

Hold onto your seats, because this is a big one. This huge journey is finally reaching its end, which means that the realisation of the sangat’s dreams is so close. “For the Sangat, by the Sangat”. The movie is ready to be shown to the world and we are gearing up for a Vaisakhi 2022 release! The final date will be announced very soon.

Now that you have recovered from this wonderful announcement, there are more updates to add to your joy. The title of the movie project has changed! It is now called ‘Supreme Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur’ – a fitting name for a project which is dedicated to the greatest and absolute mother.

Don’t worry, the compelling storyline, inspirational content and breath-taking animation quality remain at the same high and exacting standards. All that has changed is the title!

So what inspired this change? During the journey of bringing the concept to the big screen, many saintly souls and saadh sangat requested that the movie title be changed, to reflect Mata Ji’s most unique and highest form of motherhood. Since this is a project for the sangat, by the sangat, the team behind ‘Motherhood’ was  more than happy to take this feedback on board.

What’s more, here’s the beautiful, new, official poster which we are releasing along with this greatest news ever. And that’s not all! Exclusive, never-before-seen clips from the movie will be shared soon to tease your curiosity and get you more excited for the release! You can expect these in the next few days, so don’t forget to follow our social media to get all the updates.

Thanks again to the universal sangat family for helping to bring this dream to fruition. Once the jaw-dropping story of the fearless and trailblazing Mata Sahib Kaur Ji is unleashed on the world, things won’t be the same again. The untold story of this supreme mother will make an impression on all four corners of the world and we simply cannot wait!

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