Oct 8, 2022

Mumbai Award MIFF

We have won our first award! Supreme Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib is the winner of the Best Women’s Film 2022 at the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF). We feel blessed and amazed to receive an award where thousands around the world were competing. MIFF are the oldest and largest film festival for non-feature films in South Asia who also cover documentaries, animations and short films. It is organised by the Films Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India. 

An award as prestigious as Best Women’s Film 2022 from MIFF has left our huge volunteer team with a whole surge of emotions. Over 4 years of sleepless nights and long days of working towards this movie had led to this beautiful moment of recognition. This speaks volumes about the dedication and devotion of the whole team. 

Supreme Motherhood: The Journey of Mata Sahib Kaur captured the hearts of audiences across the world even before release. There was always a constant influx of eager questions of “when can I watch the movie?!” There was a huge gap of showcasing a real life, female role model to the world who had spiritual power and inspirational leadership qualities.

This trailblazing movie was made with many aspirations with a huge one on female empowerment. Audiences saw how a young girl became an incredible leader of a nation during the most turbulent times that India has ever experienced. This unique journey educated, amazed and inspired viewers across all ages and backgrounds. Females witnessed that they can reach great heights, fathers of daughters felt the emotions of having a daughter and the world saw unknown history brought to screens across the world. 

All of our volunteers, professionals and supporters across the globe have made this dream into a reality. Together this dream team produced a movie, released a movie and we have now started to receive awards! We thank all for these amazing blessings. Dhan Dhan Mata Sahib Kaur Ji!

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