Sep 6, 2021

Storyboards: the Secret to Amazing Animated Movies

Storyboards: the Secret to Amazing Animated Movies

Hello everyone, it’s Gurvinder Kaur (@Geminka). I’m a storyboard artist at Nihal Nihal Nihal Productions. I’m currently working on an amazing project called “Kesri Kids”, about five special friends who use their unique superpowers to overcome challenges and help people. You can find out more about it on social media (@KesriKids).

You might be wondering, what is a storyboard artist? What do they do? First, let’s find out about storyboards.

Storyboarding is a visual depiction of a screenplay. The storywriter describes what will happen in the plot. The scriptwriter provides dialogue delivery and the technical description of the movie or show. Then comes the storyboard artist, who visualises the screenplay as individual shots (images). Each shot is hand-drawn in a rough, sketchy manner (like a comic). The goal of storyboarding is to show how all the shots will look, and therefore give a visual depiction of the movie before it gets made.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? So, how does storyboarding enhance a movie?

1. When you’re working on a big project, you need a blueprint to plan all the minute details. Good execution comes after good planning. Storyboarding is a blueprint of movies and shows.

2. Storyboarding makes production easier. Everyone relies on the storyboards: from the director to the sound engineers to the voice actors to the designers to the animators. By looking at the storyboards, every single member of the team is working from the same blueprint, making it easier for each member to execute their personal part of the production.

3. A storyboard artist is specially trained for the depiction of the script. If there is no storyboard, all the team members will come up with their own ideas of how each scene should look, which can create confusion and misunderstandings.

4. Storyboarding makes it easier to understand the subtle details of a story which aren’t always written in a screenplay, such as the characters’ feelings, the surrounding environment, and the lighting. It’s much easier to fix any errors at the storyboarding stage, which saves a lot of effort, time and expenses later in production.

5. A storyboard works as a preview. It shows you right away how the movie will look. Looking at the storyboards is like watching a raw version of the final movie. Directors can use this tool to explore every tiny detail and decide whether it all comes together nicely to make a compelling story, and identify where there are gaps which need filling, or some technicalities which need changing (such as camera angles or missing characters).

So you see, storyboards are the first step in transforming an amazing idea into an excellent movie. People say, behind every great man is a woman. I’d like to add, behind every great movie is a storyboard. Thanks for reading.

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