Apr 21, 2022

The story of Mata Ji’s adopted son, Ajit Singh, as shown in Supreme Motherhood

Why is the story of Mata Ji’s Adopted Son Ajit Singh shown in Supreme Motherhood?


After watching the brand-new movie based on the life of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, Supreme Motherhood, the team of sewadars were questioned as to why the story of the adopted son Ajit Singh (who goes away from Sikhi) is included in the film.

Here are some reasons why.

The adopted son Ajit Singh is mentioned in our history already. It is in Gur Pratap Suraj Granth which is the main granth read in Gurdware all over the world by respected Kathavachaks where itihas (historical) katha is performed.

As the accounts read, Mata Sundar Kaur ji was the mother of Sahibzade Ajit Singh Ji, who became Shaheed (martyr) at Chamkaur Sahib in 1705. Years later, Mata Sundar Kaur Ji meets this young Ajit Singh and is taken back by his resemblance to Sahibzade Ajit Singh ji. Therefore, she approaches Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji to allow her to adopt him. Guru Sahib replies, there is only one Ajit, implying that no one else can be like him. As history reveals, Mata Sundar Kaur Ji is pulled to adopting him and bringing him up. Mata Sahib Kaur ji, who from day one has supported and respected Mata Sundar Kaur Ji too, does what is needed and helps in his upbringing. In the end, everything happens according to hukum and our previous karam.

Adopted Ajit Singh grows older and does not listen to the sikhya (teachings) that both Mata Ji’s impart. He goes on to take advantage of his status in the Guru house, despite being apprehended. Both Mata Sahib Kaur Ji and Mata Sundar Kaur Ji are shown to have big compassionate hearts who always want the best for their children and are open to overlooking their mistakes, providing one learns from them. How many times have we fallen victim to ego, slander, non-gurmat thinking? Guru Sahib and Mata ji, being our spiritual parents still go on to forgive us and help us become better humans and Sikhs.

Some have raised the question “well then, if Mata Ji couldn’t change their son, then what’s the point showing it?”.

When we look at the bigger picture, we can see throughout our history that this situation was not unique to Mata Sahib Kaur ji and Mata Sundar Kaur Ji. For example, when Guru Amar Das Ji was given the Gurgaddi from Guru Angad Dev Ji (2nd Guru Sahib), Guru Angad Dev Ji’s son Bhai Datu Ji goes on to physically kick Guru Amar Das Ji in anger, believing he should’ve have been the next Guru. Luckily for him, Guru Amar Das Ji’s humility melted his heart and he mended his ways. It should be noted here that Mata Khivi Ji (wife of Guru Angad Dev Ji, mother of Bhai Datu Ji) also tried to put her son on the right path whilst his thinking was erred.

Sri Guru Ram Das Ji (the 4th Guru) and their wife Bibi Bhani Ji (exonerated in history for her sewa and future Gurus coming from her lineage), gave birth to three sons. Prithi Chand, Mahadev and Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji. Guru Arjun Dev Ji was chosen to become the successor of their father based on their virtues and how they held the Gurus’ teachings dear to their heart. Meanwhile, we know that elder brother Prithi Chand goes on to wreak such vengeance against Guru Arjun Dev Ji that he tries mislead the sangat by claiming himself as true Guru. He goes on to try and turn governing authorities against his brother (who also send assassins – as mentioned in a shabad in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji ‘Sulhi ten arain raakh’). One of the lowest points Prithi Chand falls to is when he plots to kill Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s baby son, [Guru] Hargobind Sahib Ji. This history is mentioned in our main granths.

Finally, another example in history of a child in the Guru’s House turning his back on the Guru’s teachings is Dhir Mal. Dhir Mal is the cousin of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (the 9th Guru). As Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji leaves their physical body in Delhi saying ‘Baba Bakala’ – meaning the next Guru is in Bakala, there is confusion in the sangat as to who is the next Guru,. Dhir Mal sets up camp and encourages all his followers to convince innocent sangat that he is the new Guru. With the timely and divine interjection by Baba Makhan Shah Lubhana, it is revealed to be Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. Later Dhir Mal’s hatred finds no bounds when he goes to the extent of firing a bullet towards Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji.

So what can we learn from this? This pangti from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji sums it up nicely:

“Kabeer, what can the True Guru do, when His Sikhs are at fault?

The blind do not take in any of His Teachings; it is as useless as blowing into bamboo”

Salok Kabeer Ji, Ang 1372


Some people believed that by including this in our movie, we have discredited both Mata Jis ability to tame her son.  But after careful inspection and with knowledge about the wider accounts in our history, we can see that there is a lot of learning in these scenes.

First of all, our spiritual Mother Mata Sahib Kaur Ji always wants the best for us and therefore compassionately keeps teaching and guiding us. However when it comes to insulting the traditions of the Guru’s House, it will not be tolerated. Mata Sahib Kaur Ji reprimands adopted Ajit Singh when he picks up the sacred shastars (weapons) blessed to her by Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji before their physical departure.

The movie contrasts this learning of bad child vs good child with the inclusion of Jassa Singh Alhuwalhia – one of the greatest generals of the Khalsa Panth. The movie beautifully depicts how Mata Sahib Kaur Ji trains and teaches young Jassa Singh in Gurbani, Gurmat teachings, Kirtan and Shastar Vidya (Sikh martial arts). Not only does Jassa Singh take on each teaching of Mata Ji, but gains respect in the eyes of everyone. Sikh parents can learn so much from these scenes. In fact, after watching Supreme Motherhood, many parents commented that their children left the cinema halls saying they wanted to be like Jassa Singh when they grow up!

To be a Sikh means to learn and the Khalsa is not shy, it is not afraid to look at different examples from history to inspire others to better themselves and take in the blessings of our eternal parents Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Mata Sahib Kaur Ji.

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