Our Story

Ever heard of Beeba Nihal Kaur? A unique woman blessed with a state of nirvana from birth, she lived in a small village in Northern India from 1922-1990. Her life was joyfully blissful; the ultimate expression of devotion. She served everyone inclusively without any expectation of reward, preferring simple, modest living over gifts and wealth. Her life was uniquely successful. When acknowledged or honoured by great saints around India, she humbly deflected the praise.

People from all over came to her sanctuary, and she never turned them away. If they had problems, she solved them. If they were sad, she cheered them. If they were lost, she guided them. All the while, she kept a free spirit, a generous smile and an eternal love for humanity and creation. She took practical steps to help people achieve higher states of joy, bliss and success in their daily lives.

Nihal Nihal Nihal is Beeba Nihal Kaur’s philosophy. Here, you will find all that makes your heart soar, your spirit sing and your mind dance, just the way she helped people in her time. Our team is inspired daily by her enthusiasm for altruism and connecting with the universe. This is why our exclusive range never compromises on quality, being made with care and compassion.

Social responsibility is a big deal for us. We aim to respect and love our planet in all ways possible. Our products are manufactured at ethical rates. Our packaging is non-plastic and recyclable. Our methods of production are Earth-friendly and non-toxic for the environment. Like Beeba Nihal Kaur, we believe in simplicity, humility and radiance. Simply: Nihal.Life. A joyful, vibrant state. An all-inclusive bliss. Contented, successful living.

Welcome to the #happinessrevolution.