Hazuri Noor: Baba Moni Ji Synopsis


Rarely in history, a great soul comes to earth to accomplish something which none has done before. In the 20th Century, Baba Joginder Singh Moni Ji was one of those rare diamonds. From his childhood silence to his sewa at Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib as an adult, his life was a treasure box of miracles. Hazuri Noor: Baba Moni Ji is a series of 13 episodes about the life and sewa of this great light.

As a child, Baba Ji asked his spiritual teacher, Sant Baba Ram Singh Ji of Hoti Mardan (Bade Babaji) how to refrain from worldly distractions. Bade Babaji responded: by doing Waheguru jaap (meditation) all the time. So Baba Ji chose silence as a way of life. His 38-year silence was his meditation, to help him remain focussed on the spiritual path. Despite remaining silent, Baba Ji took on big sewa. For 13 years, he single-handedly managed langar sewa (free communal meals for all) every morning and evening at Gurdwara Langar Sahib. This intensive sewa required immense dedication, and was the precursor to an even bigger sewa.

On 1st May 1956, Baba Ji was appointed as the Jathedar (head priest) of Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib. This announcement was accompanied by thundering jaikare from the sangat, who had gathered to witness this historic moment. At this time, Baba Ji was still moun (silent). He served as Jathedar for the next 30 years, becoming completely immersed in the intense 24/7 sewa routine. Baba Ji had a profound impact in helping to bring Takhat Sahib to a much larger worldwide sangat.

At a time when the mass modernisation of Gurdwaras was spreading with full force, Baba Ji remained firm in preserving the authentic, traditional maryada of Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib. He faced much resistance from Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), which wanted to twist the maryada according to the standardised rules which had been created after the British Raj. But Takhat Sahib could not be standardised, and will never be. It has its own unique aura and magical presence. Baba Ji reignited the passion for sewa between Guru Sahib and Gursikh, inspiring thousands along the way. His tireless sewa of Sachkhand at Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib was unmatchable. It helped to rebuild history and ignite a new passion in the sangat’s heart.