The Supreme Lighthouse: Baba Nand Singh Synopsis


Just like the immense light beaming from a Lighthouse, the glow on Baba Nand Singh’s radiant face was so immense, one would have no doubt that he was a great saint. This powerful soul was sent to deliver the message of divine truth, compassion, respect for God and prema bhagti (deep, loving meditation) whilst himself maintaining the most beautiful garb of humility. His life’s mission was to shine a light on humanity, paving the way for all to connect with God.

Baba Nand Singh was a devoted follower of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. From a young age, he used to meditate for long periods, with full concentration and poise. Later in life, after immense meditation and spiritual reflection, he spread the message of Naam Simran (chanting the name of God). No matter which faith one followed, Baba Nand Singh shared the universal message that loving meditation should be at the forefront of one’s life. Through pure-willed deeds such as
Seva (selfless service) and self reflection, one can attain a state of bliss, cleanse their soul and merge back into the radiant light of God.

Baba Nand Singh stood out in the same way a lighthouse does: a towering beacon of saintly grace and humility with infinite divine powers. Yet, just as a lighthouse does not draw attention to itself but highlights the projection of light in order to lead others to a safe haven, in the same way, Baba Nand Singh humbly guided humanity to the true & eternal light of God and Guru. Such was their modest nature, he did not draw attention to himself, but still the crowds were magnetically pulled towards him, seeking heavenly insights.

During these ever-changing times we live in, Baba Nand Singh remains a bright beacon of hope, love and guidance. His spiritual knowledge continues to spread light in these dark times, navigating humanity back to the immense power of God. Such saintly souls are never forgotten and their radiance is never dimmed. The light of Baba Nand Singh will shine forever.