Dev Bhoomi Express Synopsis


Dev Bhoomi. The Land of the Gods.

Tucked against the awe-inspiring Himalayas, the Northern state of Uttarakhand is shrouded in spiritual history. The ancient Gods have touched this blessed land and given it a mysterious charm that will remain for eternity.

Join the Kesri Kids, India’s most lovable group of friends, as they uncover the rich, deep history of this mountainous region while having heart-stopping adventures and mishaps along the way. So many hundreds of unknown temples, quietly nestled among the jagged rocks and crooked paths, are waiting to be discovered in this animated series.

So grab your rucksack, hop on board the Dev Bhoomi Express and get ready to see the breath-taking views among the mountaintops and clouds. Travel from temple to temple, learn the amazing stories of the Gods, and take spiritual blessings from this mystical land…

All aboard!