Game of Faith


After the success of the feature film, Dark Tunnel, and a number of short films which went viral on the internet, Director Gunveen Singh is back with his newest Punjabi film, starring Bollywood star Manmeet Singh (Asli Sardarji, Meet ke Funday).

Entering college life, Paviter Singh (a simple Punjabi boy with a stammer) encounters a gang that humiliates him and makes his life miserable. They cause trouble at the Old Age Home where Paviter volunteers, which culminates in him being cruelly beaten and abandoned. Losing his faith, he becomes fearful and withdraws from his old life. Why do bad things happen to good people?

Paviter discovers his inner strength and courage when his uncle helps to restore his faith in humanity. As he starts walking on the path of the Sikh Gurus, Paviter becomes transformed inside and out. He finds his purpose in life, and goes on to motivate his fellow students to grow and excel. With his never-say-die attitude, humble optimism and helpful nature, Paviter proves that life is all about making your faith bigger than your fears.

Official Trailer: Game of Faith