Hemkund Adventures Synopsis


The Kesri Kids are back again in this new animated series! India’s most lovable bunch of friends is taking on the mountains once more. With only their intellect and their deep bond of friendship to keep them safe, they’re setting off on new and dangerous adventures.

Experience the real thrills and challenges of trekking in the mountains, surviving in the wild, and getting caught in the freezing winds and snow. It’s hard to believe that people really live up there in those hostile conditions – but they do!

Embarking on a yatra to Hemkund Sahib, an ancient site of great spiritual power standing high up in the Himalayan mountains, they encounter new friends and collect new memories. From the base to the peak, this intensive trek is brimming with history, adventure and ancient traditions.

Join the Kesri Kids as they search for the legendary Brahma Kamal flower, get lost in the vibrant Valley of Flowers, visit the awesome shrines and temples of the ancient Gods, and make a splash in the freezing waters of Hemkund Lake. Learn, have fun and expand your horizons with the Kesri Kids’ Hemkund Adventures!